Saturday, February 11, 2012

Adventures with the Slow Cooker

Garlic Chicken and Potatoes

This "recipe" is an experiment and as we speak, is in the crock pot. I ordered chicken breasts from Abundant Harvest, so I wanted to keep it simple and actually taste the quality of the chicken.

First layer: Bay leaves and lemon wedges
Second layer: Two potatoes, halved long ways
Third layer: Chicken breast (dipped in melted butter and garlic and remaining liquid dumped over the top)
Fourth layer: Chopped parsley, salt, pepper
Fifth layer: 1/2 cup chicken stock

The plan is 6 hours on low.... to be continued

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Abundant Harvest Box Runneth Over... A weekly appointment with gratitude

The main meal of the week (and a festive one at that) in Jewish households around the world is the Friday night dinner. Shabbat dinner is NOT just any dinner, and rituals are a main focus of this gathering.

I am familiar with Cathoilic guilt, but my Catholic jealousy caught me by surprise. A long meal with friends and family? Yes, please. Fancying it up and creating traditions that bond the group? I'm in. Reflecting on all the highlights the week has provided? I want it.

My thought was incorporating my weekly fruit and vegetable box ( This would allow me to inject tradition into my life while using up all my produce, learning how to cook the veggies that intimidate, and share new recipes with the people I enjoy. Born is "Semi-sustainable Suppers" or perhaps "Not Only Food" or "Chowfriends"... I guess the name will continue to evolve. The idea is simple: cooking a meal every Sunday and having an open invitation to all. I am picturing fun linens gathered from antique stores (an obsesssion I never thought would pay off), sustainable food, and conversation to start the week with some good ol fashioned gratitude.

My goal- maybe March will make itself available to start this tradition and once a month might be more attainable. In the meantime, I will let the ideas marinate. (pun intended)